2018 Marshall A's Schedule

May 20
Sunday5:00 PM@ Milroy Yankees 0-1LOSS (recap)10-1 Penske (0-1)
May 23
Wednesday7:30 PM Minneota 0-2LOSS (recap)14-7 Mettling (0-1)
May 25
Friday7:30 PM Cottonwood PPD
May 26
Saturday7:30 PM@ Brookings 1-2WIN (recap)12-2 (8) Kontz (1-0)
May 30
Wednesday7:30 PM@ Sacred Heart 2-2WIN (recap)3-2 Kontz (2-0)
June 1
Friday7:30 PM@ Minneota 3-2WIN (recap)6-3 VanMoer (1-0)
June 3
Sunday5:00 PM Bird Island 3-3LOSS (recap)6-5 Kontz (2-1)
June 6
Wednesday7:30 PM Hadley 3-4LOSS (recap)12-3 VanMoer (1-1)
June 9
Saturday7:00 PM Willmar Team Max PPD
June 13
Wednesday7:30 PM Brookings 3-5LOSS (recap)7-3 Tomasek (0-1)
June 16
Saturday7:00 PM Willmar Team Max 3-6LOSS (recap)14-0 (7) Mettling (0-2)
June 20
Wednesday7:30 PM Lamberton *US Bank Night*PPD
June 23
Saturday8:00 PM Champlin 3-7LOSS (recap)2-0 Kontz (2-2)
June 24
Sunday5:00 PM@ Raymond 3-8LOSS (recap)10-7 Penske (0-2)
June 27
Wednesday7:30 PM Sacred Heart *Avera Night*4-8WIN (recap)10-7 Kontz (3-2)
July 1
Sunday5:00 PM@ Willmar 4-9LOSS (recap)8-3 Penske (0-3)
July 6
Friday7:30 PM Milroy Yankees *AP Design Night*4-10LOSS (recap)1-0 Kontz (3-3)
July 11
Wednesday7:30 PM@ Bird Island 4-11LOSS (recap)8-3 Hess (0-1)
July 13
Friday7:30 PM Pipestone *Bremer/Hall of Fame Night*5-11WIN (recap)5-3 VanMoer (2-1)
July 15
Sunday3:00 PM@ Granite Falls 5-12LOSS (recap)10-5 Penske (0-4)
July 15
Sunday5:00 PM@ Granite Falls 6-12WIN (recap)8-0 Kontz (4-3)
July 20
Friday7:30 PM Raymond 6-13LOSS (recap)6-3 Penske (0-5)
July 22
Sunday5:00 PM Willmar 7-13WIN (recap)4-3 Kontz (5-3)
July 25
Wednesday7:30 PM Minneota 8-13WIN (recap)7-6 Blanchard (1-0)
----------------------END OF REGULAR SEASON----------------------
----------------------START OF REGION 4C PLAYOFFS----------------------
July 28
Saturday6:30 PM @ Atwater 8-14LOSS (recap)8-2 Kontz (5-4)
August 4
Saturday7:30 pm Granite Falls @ Atwater 8-15LOSS (recap)4-3 Kontz (5-5)

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