Marshall to host Region 4C Tournament

The Marshall A’s are proud to host the Region 4C playoffs for two weekends, Aug. 7-8 and Aug. 13-15 at Legion Field. The Marshall Baseball Association is looking volunteers to help during the tournament, including ticket-takers, field maintenance and concessions. If you would like to help in any way during the tournament in August, please click here. Thank you for your help in making the region tournament a success.
A's Remember Life of Fred Roufs

MARSHALL, Minn. - The A's celebrated the life of Fred Roufs on Friday, June 11. Roufs, inducted into Marshall Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019, passed away in January.

More than 70 letters of support for Fred’s nomination to the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame were submitted and more than thirty stories about Fred were shared in anticipation of this celebration of his life. Read and enjoy some highlights of a man who lived life to its fullest.

"Fred Roufs helped the citizens of Marshall see the economic value in amateur athletics, quality facilities and tournaments!"
Mayor Bob Byrnes, Marshall

"My first run in with Fred was on May 24,1965. We were playing the District 13 High School Championship game. Freddie played for LeSueur and I played for Arlington-Green Isle. I’m the guy who chased Freddie from 3rd base across Home Plate with no catcher covering home to tag out Fred. LeSueur wins and I have to listen to that story for 56 years! I wouldn’t mind hearing it again."
Jim (Stubby) Brown, Green Isle

"The Marshall A’s were under the ever capable manager Dallas Kluksdal in 1981. The A’s were entering the State Amatuer Tourney with a respectable 20-6 record and had drawn traditional tourney favorite the Midway Snerd Birds in the opening round. Under Dallas’s tutelage, The A’s won the game 10-0. So The A’s Played Cold Spring next and scored only one run in the loss. In those days it was double elimination in the B tournament and as the A’s left for St.Cloud the next weekend, every 25 miles was a “Dump Dallas”' sign (placed by Fred) on the side of the road all the way to St.Cloud."
Dallas Kluksdal, Marshall

"We are playing a softball tourney in Marshall. Our opponents were a good team that could hit home runs, especially their cleanup batter who wore bib overalls and boots! So we are leading in a homerun filled game in the last inning with a couple of runners on when Mr. Bibs is due up … he’s already hit 3 homeruns. Fred starts taunting him in his usual manner and he is getting madder by the minute. He hits Fred's first pitch, a rocket right back at Fred instead of hitting the homerun … what does Fred do? He rolls the ball to first base to just barely get Mr.Bibs out. They had to hold the big fella back from charging Fred, who said he threw him is yoyo pitch."
Brad Engebretson, Marshall

"I cannot tell you how many homeruns we hit, or even the amount of wins. What I do remember is that Coach Roufs kept a player on our team that had zero athletic ability but a passion for the sport of baseball that exceeded our entire team together."
Jay Cattoor, Marshall

"As we are all aware, Fred could always fill the awkward moment of silence. Arch, Fred, Harry and I made the decision to fly to Game 4 of the 1987 World Series in St.Louis. The flight was uneventful other than a few air pockets. We all enjoyed a number of baseball stories, planned how we would get our tickets, and made bets on the game. Three parts Fred talking and the rest of us sharing one part of the conversation. Fred was in the co-pilot's seat when Arch, the pilot, said, “Fred give me a break, keep the wings on this bubble and air speed at this level.” Harry and I took a nap with the next hour of silence. ;)"
Darv Ekness, Wooden Nickel

"I met Freddie at the 1986 American Legion State Tournament in Marshall, as a coach of the Waite Park Silver Stars team who eventually won the tournament. The State Championship was an incredible feeling, but forever bringing Freddie into my life was literally the most important thing I forever gained from that tournament. Trophies can be won, awards can be handed out, but very few people can never be replaced! You were the best!"
Tom Frericks, Waite Park

"Fred would always beat the players to the field, to make sure it was dragged, the scoreboard and the public address system was on, the dugouts had water coolers filled. In addition, he was always the first person to greet the opposing team and coaches as he welcomed them to Legion Field. As my life has evolved and I have gone on to coach all three of my son’s baseball teams, I can say without a doubt, that the lessons learned from observing Fred were influential in how I treated my players and the other coaches and players."
Dan Oftedahl, American Legion Baseball

"Fred always seemed to be one step ahead. This skill allowed Fred to see a problem, analyze it, and find a workable solution. It affected his coaching style. It evolved in the planning for Marshall’s many sporting needs. It allowed Fred to see many facets in the baseball community that needed change. With it he became a true source of positive change in Marshall baseball."
Jim Culhane, Marshall Baseball

"Fred always emphasized taking the game seriously but did not lose sight of the fact that the game is played for fun, and it was always a joy to play for him. Fred played a crucial role in securing the 1989 State Amatuer Tournament in Marshall. I worked on the grounds crew and was able to see first hand what an event he helped plan, everything was first class."
Chris Versaevel, Marshall

"Fred had a larger than life personality and his passion for baseball attracted like minded supporters. Who can forget the sound of busting glass, the fishnet for foul balls, and updating the Marshall youth baseball scores over the PA. Fred put on a show for the Marshall faithful from his perch in the press box—and the fans knew it was the place to watch a game! A life well lived!"
Harry Weilage, Marshall

"I met Fred in 1977 at a NCC basketball tournament in Sioux Falls, SD, and after the game all the boys from Marshall headed home, and Fred said to me, “You going home?” And I said probably not, there’s another game tomorrow, and we stayed together in a hotel, while everyone else went home. So we stay over, and talked sports most of the night. I couldn’t sleep because Fred never turned off the TV it was the beginning of a long friendship. When Fred moved to Mankato in 1990, we were golf partners for 30 years and we even won a few times, they called us Thunder & Lightning ... Fred made all the noise and I’d try to make the shots. Fred enjoyed people, and being involved in any kind of sports, but he also liked winning. If you really knew Fred you knew he was a very generous man, he’d give to people, and no one needed to know about it. He will truly be missed by many. RIP my friend."
Dale Wacholz, Mankato

"One of my favorites on Mr. Baseball was when he got stuck announcing an A’s game - we had lost one of our 3 games that year the night before so Fred was upset with the coach—me! When announcing the lineup he said, “Center field Stevie Jo Burton, pitching Mike Tobin, and after the loss last night for some reason at first base … Ed Meierkort! As only Fred could say with his sarcasm!"
Ed Meierkort, Orlando, Fla.

"Never a dull moment. Always that special grin and never a loss for words. Always upbeat and joyful. Never a bad day. Always a special Friend."
Darrel Wiener, State Tournament Co-Chair, Sioux Falls

"I was working at the Gambler in downtown Marshall and Fred had moved to Mankato and had been there a couple of years. He was back in Marshall and came in and played a few hands of cards one afternoon. Customers would come in that knew Fred and would stop by his table and ask him how things were going in Mankato. Someone had come in and started a conversation with Fred when the person asked the question, “Fred, how is your wife doing?” Fred quickly responded, “She’s doing great. In fact, she’s walking about 5 miles a day. ... Yea, she should almost be in the cities by now!” The place erupted in laughter."
Dan Westby, Marshall

"Fred Roufs was one of the better baseball people I knew. He was a fantastic MBA Board Member for over 20 years, and was doing a fantastic job in his first year as Board President leading the movement to see that Minnesota amateur teams could play baseball—including a state tournament—during the Covid pandemic in 2020. He was a great human being and he will definitely be missed by his family, friends, and the Minnesota Baseball community."
Tink Larson, Waseca

"Fred is the only person I knew who could tell a story about a baseball drama playing out in a quaint Minnesota town you’ve never visited, involving people you’d never met - who then you’d want to get to know, and make you feel you had a stake in the outcome."
Drew Weilage, New York

"I remember with great fondness Fred's quick wit, smile and laugh. Fred had the ability to make whoever he was talking to feel like the most important guy in the room. I always left our conversation smiling."
Barry Wohler, Orono

"Fred Roufs was an all-around great guy, he loved baseball, and he was my friend. Fred and I served 25 years together on the State Baseball Board. His passion for baseball, his concern for people, and the time he spent at all levels will remain his legacy of selfless investment to the baseball community and our state."
John Richter, Granite Falls

"As I’ve had the privilege of leading the Marshall Baseball Association these past 12 years, I’ve heard the Fred stories that make this the great game it is. Fred rolled the first sod over the former track at Legion field, helped get the business community to support the improvements, and entertained the fans at Legion Field. He never took the game for granted, he laid the groundwork for players taking care of the field after games. He did it first class and was first class and we will continue to honor that tradition."
Kelly Loft, President, Marshall Baseball Association

"I, along with the Milroy Yankees, had the opportunity to run into Fred many times over the years being neighboring baseball associations—Milroy and Marshall. None of the baseball talks were more important than last July 2020 when he fought for Milroy to host the 2020 MN State tournament. His presence of the State Board gave me and Milroy the greatest thrill of my lifetime and that of the Milroy Yankees. We all miss his hand shake and great baseball conversations."
Pat Dolan, Milroy

"My first year on the state board and we have an extra inning thriller in Watkins with many controversial calls. The game ends and Fred sends me over to the losing team’s dugout to make sure they leave in an orderly fashion. The team and their fans start screaming, “Where did we get these terrible umps?” and “They got every call wrong.” I made the rookie mistake of opening my mouth and saying the umpires made the right calls. Needless to say I barely escaped with my life. Afterwards Fred says, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you: Never say anything to a bunch of rabid fans and ball players. Just stand there and take it.” Boy did I learn my lesson."
Mike Nagel, Bird Island

"On numerous occasions, Fred and I would talk umpiring and Fred would always say “You can always tell an umpire, but you can’t tell him much.”"
John Gerads, Sartell

"Fred was a great mentor to me when I first got on the Board. He was never too shy about giving me some advice on important topics we would be covering at a board table and sometimes Fred would say “These are the words of wisdom according to Fred.” That always made me laugh. Though Fred didn’t have the title President of the MBA long, Fred was a true leader on this Board, he was well respected and will be deeply missed by all."
Tom Lemke, Brownton

"We’re at any state tournament. A group of women enter the bar. Fred’s response to us was, “Get the decoys out boys they are circling.” Fred needs another beverage. “Nurse Nurse Captain Diet and keep them coming.”"
Mark Forsman

"I first met Fred in college down in Marshall as he was a Mustang Booster. His energy was infectious, and his attitude was always, how can we get this done. Once Fred became a state board member, he instantly became my “go to guy” on the board. Always available and he never made you feel bad for asking him another “dumb” question about player eleigibility. Soon after, he was showing up to a handful of games in Shakopee every summer and talking with fans and players. I then realized he was stopping at many parks a number of times throughout the summer … what a great ambassador for the game he was. He always wanted to have a conversation about the game and gather people’s thoughts on what the MBA board could do better or defend their position. I remember the state board seeming to be unapproachable way back in the day, but Freddy definitely changed all that as he understood the importance of being available and being seen all summer long, not just during the state tournament. Great guy. Fun guy. Irreplaceable."
Gary Schleper, Shakopee

"Fred’s true passion was on the baseball field and the wrestling mats. This passion led Fred to be inducted into the Minnesota State Mankato Hall of Fame in 2012, the LeSueur Wrestling Hall of Fame 2010, the Marshall Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019 and in 2021 was selected for the Minnesota Amatuer Baseball Hall of Fame. The love Fred had for these two sports will be cherished by all friends and athletes who knew him. If interested in contributing to this legacy, find more information about the Fred Roufs Baseball and Wrestling Scholarship as or contact Greg Weis at 507-389-6010."
Greg Weis

"This was at the Minnesota State Amatuer Baseball Tournament in Marshall in 1989. Joe Kreger, the Green Isle manager asked me to find out who the kid was who was giving him so much crap about his green shoes. When talking to the kid, I found out it was Fred’s son Jayson! He told me his Dad told him to do it."
Jim (Stubby) Brown, Green Isle

"I had no place to stay in Fargo during a college district playoff game. Fred offered to share his room with me. I was cheering on my son’s team from Brookings, the SDSU Jackrabbits, and Fred was cheering on his Mankato Mavericks. We enjoyed watching the games, played some Blackjack at the casino, and had a few beers! We closed down one of the Blackjack tables because we doubled down on every hand! Fred told the dealer we were the Dublin Brothers from Ireland! I got back to our room and Fred had put a chocolate on my pillow! He always made me laugh! I have always said, “I spent a week with him one night.” I know I will miss my friend Fred."
Jim (Stubby) Brown, Green Isle

"Fred was always trying to test a person. We are at a party and after a cocktail or two, Fred says he will bet Harry, Dallas, Barney, and me to a homerun contest at Legion Field. Standing at home plate you get two swings to get the ball over the fence. The easy part was that you got to go wherever the first ball landed and swing from there. Well we all laughed being the good athletes that we were … how easy was this $20 … the first three fellas took their 2 cuts with no one getting close to the fence … so sad. So I got up to take my turn and save the face of our group and manhood … I tossed the ball perfectly, took a mighty Casey cut and watched it drop to the ground. Fred giggles, “No sense in taking a second swing Enger. I’m guessing we are done!” I think we still owe Fred."
Brad Engebretson, Marshall

"Where do you start and end with Fred stories??? I first met Fred in 1974, while playing baseball at SSU. He came to Marshall with Dan Driscoll to watch his brother Joe (everyone knows Joe) play baseball. I didn’t see him again after that weekend (they stayed with us for three days due to rainouts) until 1978, when he came into the bank where I worked and asked if I remembered him. Could you ever forget Fred? He had moved to Marshall with his wife Susan, Jennifer and Jayson. We got together and it was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship. Thursday nights—steak nights at the Legion, meeting in our small kitchen, don’t forget the fun at Lake Shetek, all the softball and baseball games and you can’t forget the Twins openers with Fred and Harry. Fred had a type A personality ... or should I say a Triple AAA personality. Successful and a “doer” if something needed to get done … he was your man. In closing, all I can say is Fred would have really wanted to MC this occasion. Godspeed my Friend. "
Brad Engebretson, Marshall

"Fred was always quick with a quip. During one of the market crashes in the early 2000’s when Fred was a District manager for IDS, I told him I was losing a lot of money. Fred said now was the time to buy, not sell, the market would rebound and I would get my money back. I told him that it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime. Without batting an eye Fred quipped, “Well then, Pepe (my grandson) will have a great inheritance.” "
Tink Larson, Waseca

"Fred loved to see teams bunt. We were playing Mankato to go to the State tournament. We were tied in the 8th inning and had runners on first and second with no outs. I had our cleanup hitter lay down a sacrifice bunt. The infield then came in to cut off the run at the plate and the next batter, a slow runner, hit one that barely eluded the second baseman for a two-run single. Had they been back at normal depth it would have been an easy double play. Fred came up to me after the game and said, “Not many teams have their clean up batter bunt, but I like it!”"
Tink Larson, Waseca
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